Sig mig
at tingene
deres eget

(Inger Christensen)

'Sig mig, at tingene taler' is a series of five one day exhibitions and dialogues, discussing materiality from the different perspectives of the invited artists Isabel Denny, George Nesbitt, Damir Avdagic, Kristian Laudrup, Dina Friemuth and curator Mille Højerslev Nielsen.

Since the start of last year, we, Cecilie Skov and Moa Alskog, students at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art have taken part in a discussion revolving around a renewed interest in materiality within contemporary art. A discussion taken place both outside and within the school.

As we were intrigued by questions like; how to embed meaning in materials, what potential of subjectivity and autonomy an object has, and how this 'material interest' relates to (art) history and the commercial market; we wanted to broaden the discussion and make it more physical.

So, we invited five artists and one curator each to make an exhibition and talk about these matters with us. An introductory text was sent to all of them as a starting point for the dialogue. A text based on the former principal of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, Mikkel Bogh's preface to the catalogue of the Degree Show 2014 and the text 'Neo-Modern' by the American theorist David Geers, published in October magazine no.193, 2012. Two texts talking about the concept of 'New-materialism' or what Geers calls 'Neo-formalism' from different perspectives.

The conversations took place on Skype with Isabel, George, Damir, Kristian, and we met with Dina and Mille. The exhibitions will be shown at different locations in Copenhagen: Ping-Pong kælderen at the Academy, SØ and Another Space.

We hope to see you there!

Cecilie & Moa

Thank you:

Mille Højerslev Nielsen, George Nesbitt, Isabel Denny, Dina Friemuth, Kristian Laudrup and Damir Avdagic.

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and CAKI (funding)

Anna Ørberg/ (website)

Rebecca Krasnik (documentation)

Emilia Michalsdotter (poster design)

Another Space, , Ping-Pong kælderen.

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